French Markets

Many local grocery stores in the Acadiana region serve two functions. First, they operate as regular grocery stores where locals can find anything they need to cook, especially those ingredients most prized in local dishes that perhaps the larger chain stores are less likely to stock. Second, many markets in Acadiana offer food-to-go or dine-in during lunch. The fare varies from store to store, but it's not unusual to find fresh cracklings and boudin in addition to the more typical plate lunches. Visitors should also be sure to listen for a variety of Louisiana French being spoken, since a lot of local business, especially about food, is still conducted in French in Acadiana.

Breaux's Mart is a full-service grocery store that also serves lunch daily. Customers regularly fill their shopping carts with specialty meats and groceries as well as a hearty home-style cooked plate lunch. Groceries like these neighborhood stores and delis, are popular with workers that need a quick dine-in meal during their lunch break. Other Acadiana food markets offer a more varied menu. For example, Joey's specialty meats features a complete catering service, an expansive dining room, and complete partially cooked meals like stuffed chicken cordon bleu, catfish filet with crabmeat, gumbos, and soups to take home.

Acadiana supermarkets commonly sell fresh local favorite specialty meats such as boudin, smoked sausage, tasso, beef tongue, rabbit, and andouille. Seafood delicacies not found in regular grocery stores can be purchased prepared or ready for your own delectable creation. Local food brands can also be purchased to bring home, such as Tony Cachere's® spice blend, Bruce Foods Cajun Injector®, Cajun Power hot sacue, and of course TABASCO® brand hot sauce, as well as ready-to-use versions of roux, crab boil, hot sauce, and spices.

Be sure to fill up your cart, but don't forget to fill up yourself with the hot, home-style cooked food these markets offer.

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