It wasnt long before The Offshore Lounge became a Thursday night institution for Zydeco musicians and fans alike. Roy took great pleasure in creating a community where everyone could immerse themselves in Zydeco, and encouraged patrons to join him onstage. Because of this, he has been credited by well-known Zydeco musicians like Beau Jocque and Lil Wayne & Same Ol Two Step for introducing them to the genre. Daddies little club started becoming popular on Thursday, everybody heard about it. Let me tell you that was the place to be on Thursday nights. The Offshore Lounge in Lawtell-that was the big thing going on in the 80s and 90s. Beau Jocque walked in there one time. He played every now and then. He didnt have a band, but he sat in our band. We saw this big giant of a guy and I said, Man, this guy must be 7 feet tall. And when he put that accordion in his hand it looked like a biscuit. He said, Hey man Im gonna come play a couple of songs with yall. He had a real deep voice you know. Daddy said, Well get up there and play just dont break my accordion. Look at the size of your hands man. Whats wrong with you? So he would get up there and play the accordion and everybody looking back because he has this real deep voice. He said, Roy Carrier inspired me to play Zydeco music by me going to his club listening to him and other bands. But Roy gave me the opportunity to grace his stage, and a lot of people say that today. Corey Lil Pop Ledet, Wayne with Same Ole Two Step, Beau Jocque give Roy all the credit as well as a lot of drummers and guitar players because my father introduced them to Zydeco and let them get on the stage to play Zydeco music.