Allons in Cajun French means come now or lets go, which perfectly sums up what our newblog series is all about. Each week we will bring you a series of stories told by our featured artist for the quarter.From tales oftheir life growing up in this special place to the latest food trends, local restaurants, attractions, music and upcoming events, Allons takes you along for the ride.Our featured artist for the third quarter is local singer, songwriter and poet Zachary Richard. Allons caught up with Zachary to talk about the food culture in Lafayette Parish and what he looks forward to eating when he returns home to Lafayette.
  "Its really about being able to share. More important than whats on your plate is the people that are around the table to share food, drink and good cheer with-your friends and family. I think thats pretty much the same with just about anybody around here. Everybody loves to get together with their friends. Thats what I enjoy about coming back here, I get to do that more often. The thing I am most appreciative of is theres an organic farm about 15 minutes on foot from here, Gautreauxs Farm. Thats the other thing-Tommy Delhomme is always bringing over some fish or Barry Ancelet is going bring over some ducks or Pat Mould is going to come over and bring some crawfish-theres always something thats not been processed that you can eat. Access to quality products is really important and its not always that easy in the modern world to be able find things that are good for you and good to eat. The favorite places that I have to eat are with my friends."