Many emotions go into recording an album, but when Zachary revisits earlier work it conjures all new feelings. Limited funds in his earlier years led to extreme conditions in the recording studio that remind him of how far he's come. Zachary discusses which album was most special to him and what it means for the future of his craft.
  "Albums to me are like friends or relationships that are difficult, but somehow come reconciled after a period of time." "It takes me about two years before I can listen to an album that I recorded because all I can hear are the faults-the things I would have done different; or the things I didnt have enough money to do; or things that didnt go right." "After that period is over with and I listen to those albums, its like finding old friends. Every album that I recorded is attached to a period of time and a group of people. Its always very nostalgic and the bad stuff is funny." "The Bayou Des Mystres album I recorded after the Electra album was done in a studio in Bogalusa. We had to do the whole album in three days because thats all the money we had. I sang like a madman and when its all over I had to do the vocals again and ran out of voice. They got Dr. Feel Good to shoot me up with cortisone and I sang like a bird. That was very dangerous because I couldnt talk for a week after that and I could have destroyed my voice. I look back and thats not a funny story but its a charming story. Its attached to a period in my past thats become far enough removed from me that I can look at it with a certain amount of nostalgia and a certain amount of joy." "My last album I recorded songs I composed with my 10 year old grandson, a very special project for me. I cant say thats my favorite album but thats the last one I did. Probably my favorite album is the next one that I am about to do. I dont look behind. You know its like Ive done that; its over and it was good, but let me do something new and different and maybe create something I havent created in a way I havent done before. Thats what I am excited about."