Talent like Chubbys doesnt go unnoticed. Find out how a phone call from Terrence Simien had seventeen year old Chubby touring Europe with The Mallet Playboys and Fats Domino. My father was an oilfield worker. He worked offshore and he was gone for seven days onshore and then seven offshore. But when he came into town he needed a drummer and I became his drummer. Up until the age of 17 years old I played locally with daddy only on the weekends because I had school and daddy worked offshore. Then one day Terrance Simien called me and said, Hey man the talk of the town is that you the best zydeco drummer there is out there. I said, Well Im playing with my dad right now, but I can help you out. Terrance said, Well Im going to Europe. What!? I said. Terrance said, Im going to Europe-meaning Switzerland, Germany-you know Europe. I said, Are you serious? What they know about Zydeco in Europe man!? Terrance said, Well I have an agent who is sending me overseas to play 15 shows to open up for Fats Domino. I said, Well you dont have to ask me twice buddy, Im in. So in 1986 is when I went to Europe with Terrance we did 15 nights opening up for Fats Domino and we did about two weeks on our own.