Chubbys childhood priorities were a little different than most kids his age. Instead of toys, Chubby found endless entertainment from his fathers vast collection of instruments. Find out which one Chubby took too firsthis choice may surprise you. "Growing up as a kid we had instruments. We also had football, we had basketball, we had marbles. But for me I wanted to play all of the instruments." "I saw the base guitar. I saw the guitar. I saw the washboard and the drums. I gave myself a shot at all of them because daddy had them all in the house. Daddy just about played every instrument there was. So as a kid coming up I said, 'Daddy let me get a shot at it.'" "I played the guitar eh, everybody was a guitar player. I played the bass, ok. Rub board wasnt my thing. The drums was my thing. I loved the drums." "I stayed on the drums a long time until I discovered that accordion. Once that accordion got in my hands it became a part of me."