Festival International de Louisiane is excited to announce plans to bring the community, and the world, together in a new way during Festival International week April 24-26. Organizers said the spirit of festival month will continue to be celebrated as it has been since 1987.

Virtual Festival International Line-Up

“We feel that the magic in the air during Festival International is a force that can not, and should not, be stopped,” said Carly Viator, Marketing Director of Festival International. “Flags are still flying, and the playlist is still playing. But, we wanted to create something special. We invite you all to join us in celebration from your own home and tune into our three-day Virtual Festival.”

Virtual Festival will allow fans to join in the celebration, from their own homes, by tuning into curated shows via Facebook Live. The program’s schedule includes intimate concerts from international and local musicians, nostalgic, blast-from-the-past videos and an ‘International Collaborative Surprise’ that should not be missed. Plans also include ‘Fest Fan’ contests, limited-edition merchandise, donation opportunities, and interactive experiences. The full schedule and lineup will be released soon and can be found here.

Courir du Festival 5k

Festival has also announced a Virtual 5K run, which aims to give runners a fun, physical goal to achieve, while also helping keep the festival alive. Runners can choose their own racecourse as they practice social distancing. Registrants get access to an exclusive, upbeat 5K playlist for their race day, plus a locally designed 5K T-shirt printed by Parish Ink. Run, walk, jog or bike in support of the #IRunForFestival mission. Registration is now open on Festival’s website.

“Both of these virtual events will offer new, innovative opportunities,” said Executive Director Scott Feehan, “while providing that feeling of community that is missing during these hard times. Louisiana is a place known for gathering, celebrating and persevering. Let’s bounce back stronger than ever in the spring as we take this time to stay safe and healthy.”

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