Zachary's music is a testament to his dedication in preserving the history and traditions of Acadiana. An important contributing factor in that vital preservation lies in the education of our youth. The French Immersion program allows children to learn all of their core subjects in French (with the exception of Language Arts) until eighth grade. Zachary emphasizes what Louisiana stands to gain through this innovative way of learning. "The last best hope for French in Louisiana is the French Immersion program so its natural I would gravitate to that." "Two or three years ago I started working with an organization whose mission is to develop French language in the United States, Canada, Caribbean, Central and South America." "I was able to get a grant and asked Anna Laura Edmiston to go in to the schools to write songs with the kids and I did a few myself. Wed visit the classes and spend an hour with the kids writing a song. At one point we had enough good, really interesting songs to make an album. It became obvious to me that we should push this ball down the field." "Were in the process of recording an album with the help of a lot of good people who are very sensitive to and support the notion that the presence of French language base in south Louisiana is important to the community and to the culture." "Its a fun project and its a good project. I think its going to call a lot of attention to the French immersion program and make people understand that this is not only some sort of vestige of the past that were trying to preserve but actually its a very contemporary expression of our culture." "I really do believe that its a political right of the citizens of Louisiana to be educated in both of the official languages of the state. It would make us so much richer as a people and allow us to develop and amplify those cultural, social and economic ties to the 300 million people that speak French in the rest of the world."