Tourists flock to Louisiana for its famous Cajun and Creole dishesgumbo, jambalaya, chicken fricassee. But theres no bigger fan of Louisiana fare than its own residents. Chubby tells us how life on the road makes him nostalgic for a good home-cooked meal. "Louisiana man I tell you what. As far as traveling the world you get to missing this place." "I was born here. Ive been all over the world. I was starving for my home town. My family, my friends, the food, this culture, this heritage, this tradition-its hard to beat." "Yes, I can be in Vermont and see some astonishing things and go, wow this is fantastic check this out. Its great to see that, but I wasnt born there. I truly miss my friends, my family, the food, my culture here in Louisiana." "Coming back home to it, you can get at that Texas state line you can smell it. Youre getting close to that Louisiana state border. Roll the window down you can smell the aroma; we almost home." "Coming back to that because after a while you get to missing it. You hear that old saying, aint no place like home, Im living proof. Two three months, heck two or three weeks is long, but I love to travel. At that time I was wanting to do it but you get to missing all those things." "You get your friends start calling you, oh man Im over here cooking me some good ole gumbo, red beans and rice or something, Im gonna make me a chicken fricassee and Im like where you at." "I mean come on we live here in Louisiana we have one thing that people really love to come and visit and thats this state right here. Coming back to it beings joy to my heart."