An offshore injury couldnt stop Roy Carrier from doing what he loved. The free time he gained led to a new creative outlet, aptly named The Offshore Lounge. Find out the story behind the legendary Louisiana music venue and how it came to be. "Back in the day we played more clubs than festivals. For the dancehalls, we raised money to play on Saturday night and had free gumbo." "Daddy got hurt offshore and he said, this is it Im gonna be home a lot. What am I gonna do now? I know, Ill open my own club. Im loving music. I cant do much as it is so I will open a club and keep the music going." "So in Lawtell, Louisiana he bought this old club and decided to open up this bar in 1984 or 1985. It was called the old Gin Side Inn, but the guy lost the club, daddy bought it and named it the Offshore Lounge because he worked offshore." "We started having jam sessions on Thursday nights. Other bands would come in on Friday and Saturday night and Sunday we would have a blues band. Rockin Sidney, before he was big, would come and play the club. So dad decided he was gonna have a jam session Thursday nights." "First of all, it was just the band basically rehearsing. People would come in after work get a beer or two and run about the business. But man, people start hearing about it saying; man I understand yall playing at the club on Thursday. Well, its a jam session. So a lot of musicians came to the jam sessions on Thursday nights." "A lot of musicians today who were not playing zydeco music learned how to play at my daddys club. You got Lil Wayne & Same Ol' 2 Step who didnt know how to play Zydeco music. A little bit of instruments here and there, but my daddy taught him how to play. He learned a lot from my father. I wouldnt say he didnt know how to play, but when he went to my fathers club he would say, you gonna stand around or play an instrument." "You gonna learn how to play, thats how my daddy was." "If a guy would say I am a drummer but I dont know how to play Zydeco music. Well how you gonna learn how to play if you just stand there. Whats wrong with you? Thats just how my daddy was."