Like Chubby, his father Roy was introduced to zydeco through family. Roy left the fourth grade to help his father on the farm in order to provide for their family. After a hard days work, the sharecroppers went home and played zydeco while their dinner was cooking. This everyday routine shaped a musical career for Roy, which in turn opened the door for Chubby. "My dad was a sharecropper farmer who working in the field. There were a lot of farmers back then." "As a matter of fact my grandfather had seven boys and about six girls, big family. My grandfather was working in the field but he couldnt keep up to feed all those children. My dad was forced to quit school in the fourth grade because his dad couldnt keep up with the family as far as food goes. Daddy hated it. He wanted to go to school so bad. His daddy said listen if you wanna eat you gotta go to work with me tomorrow and thats the only way we gonna be able to eat. So daddy went to work as a little boy and like I said he quit school in the fourth grade and worked till he was 15 or 16 years old." "Daddy was always playing music because sharecroppers and farmers would get off of work and while momma is cooking dinner they were always playing their instruments. That was their entertainment. They grabbed their instruments and were either cleaning the guitar, stringing the guitar or playing the fiddles. But my daddy would always play his instrument every time he got off of work." "I think at an early age of 20 years old he was working at a saw mill and a belt got stuck. Daddy was trying to untangle it but as he did he stuck his hand a little too far in the belt and as he went to pull out it gave way and as it gave way it sliced his finger half way off. And that index finger is the one you have to play the accordion and guitar. You need that index finger." "The first thing that came out of his mouth was I wont be able to play again because he was thinking about his instrument. Thats how much he loved to play his instrument. I was about one year old when daddy told me the story. I asked how he taught himself how to play the accordion that way. Well the guitar I had to use my little finger to play like this but for the accordion the index finger is your main finger for all your keys, how you gonna roll with that thing. So when they cut his finger it was a little knob and he had to reteach himself how to play the accordion with half a finger. He learned a technique and practiced going up and down really fast. But as a little boy I said wow thats amazing. I would never today forget how daddy would play the accordion so well with that half a finger." "When I saw him and my grandfather sitting next to him playing the same song and he was matching with that half a finger I was totally blown away he was that determined to get back on that accordion and learn how to play again."