For the past two years Lafayette Travel has partnered with the Steampunk & Makers Fair to create original artwork for the events poster and merchandise. This year were giving you an inside look of the artistic process Lafayette Travels Creative Director Lance LeBlanc used to create the artwork. Steampunk 6 The concept for the artwork was a personal choice by the designer to take something inherently normal, like an ape, and make it steampunk. This was done to show that steampunk can be more than just victorian garb, whether its modern or from the past, its all in how you portray it. The ape was used as the centerpiece to showcase strength and evolution of the first makers. The idea to make the ape into a blacksmith is a nod to the original makers, forging everything by hand from fire. It acknowledges the past while taking a step in to the future. After the concept was developed the designer did a preliminary sketch with Prisma colored pencils to envision how it would be laid out. A model was used to make the positioning of the ape more human. The designer then compared the sketch to the model and made tweaks using Sketch Book Pro and Wacom Intuos Tablet. After achieving the appearance he wanted the designer developed a complimentary blue and orange color scheme. The orange symbolizes the fire used to create and the cool blue compliments the bright orange to give it more of an intimate but technological feel. The final step in the process was to pull the artwork into Adobe Illustrator to vectorize the graphics. The designer used Quicktimes screen recording software to document the vector process combined with still graphics that were merged using Apples iMovie video editing software. The result is a video of the entire process from start to finish that you can watch below. Steampunk & Makers Fair is an all-ages festival by Cit des Arts & Lafayette Science Museum showcasing and celebrating science, technology, education, art and mathematics. Its part costume play, part science and part county fair. This year the festival will be held on November 15 in Downtown Lafayette. For more information about the festival you can visit their website by clicking here or like them on Facebook by clicking here. [gallery link="file" ids="915,909,910,911,912"]