Acadian Day of Remembrance

Acadian Memorial ,  121 S. New Market St. St. Martinville, LA 70582

(337) 394-2233

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Recurring: Recurring every July 28th

Price: FREE

Time: 3:00 PM

On July 28, 1755, British Governor Charles Lawrence signed the  deportation order which set in motion Le Grand Dérangement, or the Great Upheaval. The Acadians were then exiled from their homeland of l’Acadie, and from 1755 until 1763, an estimated one-third of their population perished on their journeys.

While many of the Acadians eventually found their way to Louisiana and reestablished a community, their descendants remained a people in exile until 2003, when Queen Elizabeth II signed a Royal Proclamation declaring July 28 as the official day in which the world would remember the Acadians’ suffering as a result of Le Grand Dérangement. Each July 28 since the proclamation, the Acadian Memorial hosts a special evening program in reflection and remembrance. 3 pm at 121 South New Market Street. Free. (337) 394-2233 or