Bloodline by Ernest J. Gaines & adapted by Patricia Cravins and Maureen Brennan

Cité des Arts ,  109 Vine St. Lafayette, LA 70501

(337) 291-1122

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Dates: Feb 19 - 20, Feb 25 - 27 2022

Price: $20 General Admission

Time: 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

What happens when someone suddenly arrives in your world and decides the old rules need to be changed, but the ones in power insist on maintaining the status quo, even though the world around them has already begun to change?  Do you challenge a violent, fetid and decaying institution with threats of committing the same sorts of violence?  Or do you wait for things to take their natural course? What are the physical and psychological consequences to everyone involved?   It depends on which side you are on.  These questions rise from the fertile yet decaying soil of  the Laurent plantation in Ernest J. Gaines’s powerful short story BLOODLINE, adapted for the stage by Patricia Cravins and Maureen Brennan.  BLOODLINE addresses these questions with Mr. Gaines’s powerful and sometimes humorous prose that still resonates today.  BLOODLINE is presented by Cité des Arts as part of our celebration of Black History Month.

Photo Credit: Ernest J. Gaines Center