Elise Leavy & Gina Leslie and K. C. Jones

Hideaway on Lee ,  407 Lee Avenue Lafayette, LA 70501

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Dates: March 23, 2023

Time: 7:00 PM

Elise Leavy & Gina Leslie Raised on the central coast of California and based in Lafayette, LA, Elise Leavy’s soaring voice and songs will simultaneously warm your soul and make you feel you never understood your sadness better. New Orleans based Gina Leslie floats between country and jazz, capturing your heart and making you wish you could croon till the cows come home. These two make quite a team, with tender songs and sweet harmonies, they are sure to make you laugh and cry, dance and drift into a sweet dreamland. As someone once said, “it’s like coming home.” K. C. Jones K.C. Jones moves so effortlessly between genres, traditions, and musical concepts that it’s clear she was born with an insatiable artistic curiosity. As a teenager, she emerged from a deeply musical Appalachian family to become one of the foremost singers, guitarists, and dancers in old-time music. Moving to Southwest Louisiana, she quickly learned Cajun French and began writing preternaturally gifted original songs in dual languages with progressive Cajun bands like GRAMMY-nominated Feufollet and T’Monde.