Hideaway Kitchen on Lee ,  407 Lee Ave Lafayette, LA 70501

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Dates: February 12, 2022

Time: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM

For the first time at Hideaway, Feufollet takes the stage. The young and vibrant Southwest Louisiana band takes Cajun, honky-tonk, and string-band music as their starting point, and keeps an open mind about where their song craft will lead them. On Two Universes, their first studio album in over five years, Feufollet proves their Cajun roots don’t define them as much as propel them forward; whispers of the swamp and its time-honored waltzes trigger a modern and broad musical imagination, one that finds equal expression in blues, old-time, country ballads, rock’n’roll, whatever, all for the sake of the song.

Chris Stafford: Vocals, Accordion, Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Kelli Jones: Vocals, Fiddle, Acoustic Guitar
Andrew Toups: Keyboards
Jim Kolacek: Drums
Philippe Billeaudeaux: Bass