Grand Nathaniel & Dove

Hideaway Kitchen on Lee ,  407 Lee Ave Lafayette, LA 70501

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Dates: June 4, 2022

Time: 9:00 PM

A musical chameleon, J Burton has been a prominent figure of the Lafayette, LA music scene over the past 25 years. He has fronted some of the area’s most popular indie outfits and has even produced some as well.
Burton might be most known for his work with his folk-rock group Dire Wood. The band was a staple of the local music scene throughout the 2000s, but when the group split, Burton switched from acoustic ballads to upbeat synth-pop with FIGHTs. After FIGHTs, he carried on with synthesizer in hand to form the synth pop trio Talker, and then on to the ensemble, prog-rockers Grand Nathaniel and the Ghosts. Never afraid of change, J is now performing as simply Grand Nathaniel, and is joined by all time greats, Brycen Gaddis, Jessie Devillier, and David Crochet.

Dove is now a band. It once wasn't, but now it is. It features David Crochet (Scenic World etc.), and other musicians. It's a band this time.