High Horse + Bleach + The Links

The Grouse Room ,  417 Jefferson St. Lafayette, LA 70501

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Dates: June 30, 2022

Time: 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Rock out to the sounds of grunge rock, alternative, punk and acid rap when High Horse + Bleach + The Links join forces for an epic show!

High Horse is a band residing from Lafayette, La that plays the music they want to hear. Keeping the heavy rock grooves and grunge attitude from the 90’s alive, High Horse is filling voids that have been left open from the commercialized sounds of today’s rock.
They’re a fairly new band that was formed from other current, and defunct Lafayette-based bands. Their new EP, retnuH, will soon be released to put their stamp of music out for the fans of unapologetic riffage. With more songs on the way to release a full length album in the near future, High Horse is rocked and loaded and loaded to rock.
The Links are an alternative space rock band from the swamp lands of Lafayette, LA. The trio is as fixated on the springverb-drenched sound of bands like The Ventures as they are glitchy computer electronics of Aphex Twin. Drop your parents' collection of late 70s funk, punk & disco into a bowl of fresh radioactive sewage and you may have something bordering on the electrifying live sound of The Links.
Bleach … is a 4 piece, "Acid Rap" band from Lafayette, LA. Their sound is often described as a combination of Grunge Rock and Horror Core/Shock Rap, with a style that is heavily reminiscent of the 90’s.