Lafayette Rhythm Devils

Hideaway Kitchen on Lee ,  407 Lee Ave Lafayette, LA 70501

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Dates: February 5, 2022

Time: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM

For their 2006 CD, “les clefs de la prison,” the Lafayette Rhythm Devils appear on the cover in a jailhouse line-up wearing striped prison uniforms. They may look like they’ve been caged, but you can listen to them bust loose on the CD. Even better, their music gives you the keys to set yourself free, at least for a while, from just about any prison, physical or mental.

In words to “Café Chaud” that parallel lyrics to Leadbelly’s “Bring Me a Little Water Sylvie,” Randy Vidrine wants more than hot coffee or hot tea: he needs the keys to prisons in Lafayette, Ville Platte, or Big Mamou. Actually, his vocals and the harmonizing on this song should be able to knock down any jailhouse door.
In addition, Vidrine’s at times almost volcanic vocals are featured on Shirley Ray Bergeron’s “Quelle étoile,” Adam Hebert’s “J’aimerais connaître” and “La porte du nord,” Cleoma Breaux Falcon’s French version of “Lulu’s Back in Town,” “Tu peux cogner,” and “Tee Maurice.” After the Rhythm Devils launch into a spirited version of the instrumental “Hicks Wagon Wheel Special,” the music really takes off when Randy Vidrine joins in with his rendition of “La queue de tortue.”
Kristi Guillory is also holding nothing back when she belts out her version of Nathan Abshire’s “Blues du tac tac.” In addition, she sings Adam Hebert’s “Cette la moi j’aime,” Wallace “Cheese” Read’s “Cankton Waltz,” and Cleoma Falcon’s “Lêve tes fenêtres haut.”