Les Frères Michot

Hideaway on Lee ,  407 Lee Avenue Lafayette , LA 70501

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Dates: December 12, 2021

Price: $10 cover

Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Les Frères Michot started playing together as an all-brothers Cajun band in 1986, although the individual musicians have played with each other and with numerous other groups since the mid 1960s. The group plays traditional Cajun music in the all-acoustic "bal de maison" (house dance) style that was prevalent before the advent of electric amplification, and the Michots’ aim to preserve this style of Cajun music. Their music has a strong vocal component with all lyrics in French. Instrumentation includes fiddle, accordion, acoustic guitar, p’tit fer (basse triang’), contrebasse, and lap steel guitar. The Michots have played extensively throughout the United States and have toured in Quebec, Acadie, and in several European countries (France, England, Poland), but play primarily in south Louisiana. The group has produced three albums. The first album, "Elevés à Pilette," was released in vinyl and tape on the ARZED label in 1987, and re-released on the LFM label in cd and tape in 1996. That album was produced by Zachary Richard, who also sings on one track, and includes the late Dewey Balfa as a guest musician on several tracks, along with the five Michot brothers (Rick, Tommy, Bobby, David, Mike). The second album, "La Roue Qui Pend,” was released in Spring 2003 (cd) on the Swallow Records label and features Tommy's sons Andre and Louis along with four of the original brothers (Tommy, Rick, David, Mike). The third album, "La Caroline," was recorded at La Louisianne studio in Lafayette and was released in September of 2008 on the LFM label (cd); it features Rick's son Patrick along with brothers Tommy and Rick. La Caroline was re-released out of France as “Dedans le sud de la Louisiane” under the Fremeaux label. The Michots as a group and as individuals have recorded on several additional albums and have been featured in numerous films, documentaries, and national television and radio programs. They have also played in countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Ireland, and Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan). Les Freres Michot play at various venues throughout the year (see www.lesfreresmichot.com for current calendar).


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