Rec Room Rebellion

Blue Moon Saloon ,  215 E. Convent St. Lafayette, LA 70506

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Dates: August 31, 2019

Time: 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM

It’s a simple equation really; take 4 music teachers, add 1 music school drop-out plus 7 instruments, and you’ve got yourself a band.
Band practice kicked off in June of 2016 in the rec room of drummer and founding member Rachelle Brown’s home. Rachelle Brown along with singer/keyboardist Elaine Waguespack gathered a group of friends and fellow music lovers to jam on Sunday afternoons, always with beverage of choice in hand and often a fancy snack on deck (super rockin’ - we know) The group quickly developed an eclectic set list and a surprising ability to instrument-swap. Erin Gray with husband and only male member of the band, Jared Gray tackle 4 of the 7 instruments (Erin on bass and flute, Jared on guitar and trumpet) and Melanie Shammout, the aforementioned music school drop-out is on keys and vocals primarily (sometimes drums and bass if the moon is right.)
At a Rec Room Rebellion show you are likely to hear songs you forgot you loved, yet still can sing every verse. The band has developed an uncanny ability to weave songs together - mostly because we can’t help ourselves - and also because once you hear the similarity you simply cannot un-hear it. Set list includes songs from Amy Winehouse, Queen, Etta James, Blind Melon, Radiohead, Heart, Pearl Jam, the Beatles, the White Stripes and much more.