Seth Jude Richard, Delta Sedo, Hunter Deblanc,Joedil & Moonshyne

Blue Moon Saloon ,  215 E. Convent St. Lafayette, LA 70506

(337) 234-2422

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Dates: January 4, 2019

Price: $10

Time: 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Join us for some GREAT, LIVE MUSIC!
Feat. Delta Sedo, Hunter DeBlanc, Joedil & Moonshyne

Join us for some GREAT, LIVE MUSIC!
Gritty vocals, true life lyricism. Based out of South Louisiana and sure to impress the listening audience both musically and visually.

Just a man, Seth Jude Richard, from south Louisiana writing songs about his life. Also playing in Layden and the Lion, Naming the band after his oldest son, Layden, and youngest, Jensen who is autistic and his little lion. Then later on joining Ten Foot Pole as touring bass player. He started this with no way to see what was in the future. Now touring full time and new solo record to come out soon!