the Jackdaws and The Whiskey Bay Rovers

Blue Moon Saloon ,  215 E. Convent St. Lafayette, LA 70506


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Dates: March 26, 2019

Price: $12

Time: 8:00 PM

Hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, The Whiskey Bay Rovers are Louisiana’s first and only pirate band. Specializing in drinking songs, sea chanteys, ballads, and pub songs, the Rovers bring their mixed musical backgrounds to the stage in an effort to preserve the songs of a bygone era, bringing new ones to life as well as often putting a new spin on the old ones. Employing many a cappella arrangements with up to six part harmonies while using instrumental accompaniment of guitar, penny whistles, drums, and recorder on others, the Whiskey Bay Rovers provide a variety of song styles to quench your thirst for the sea. Besides, drinking too much salt water is bad for you anyway.

The Jackdaws deliver original, contemporary, and traditional Irish Rock to audiences across the land. This trailblazing trio will excite and have you coming back for more with their driving melodies and relentlessly aggressive lyrics. More Irish than a drunken roar, and a damned sight messier, meet The Jackdaws.