Zydeco Festival

The Original Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival, the world’s largest Zydeco and LaLa music festival, celebrates the spicy culture of Louisiana Creoles by highlighting, documenting, preserving and enhancing their rich heritage. Not only does the annual Festival spotlight the talent of both seasoned and new Zydeco artists, but it also has grown to encompass and share all avenues of the region's rich culture. It is an annual cultural production of Southern Development Foundation in its commitment to promote the cultural awareness of Zydeco music & its heritage.

Upcoming Festival Dates

September 1, 2018
September 7, 2019
September 5, 2020

History of Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival

In 1981 fearful that Creole and Zydeco music was dying out, The Treasures of Opelousas-a group of concerned citizens under the guidance and sponsorship of Southern Development Foundation-organized the Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival.

The first Zydeco Festival in 1982 was started on a farmer’s field in the Plaisance community on the outskirts of Opelousas, with four hundred people in attendance and has continued to grow ever since.

The Zydeco Music Festival is a living reminder to never to forget where we come from, to always appreciate and respect our past, and most of all to continue our legacy in keeping the rich culture alive.