Krewe de Canailles Thanks the City of Lafayette

LAFAYETTE (LA) – Krewe de Canailles thank the citizens and visitors of Lafayette, the Lafayette Consolidated Government, the Lafayette Police Department, and all creative and logistical partners and vendors who helped the inaugural KDC walking parade dream become a reality in 2018.

Krewe de Canailles Drums

When a committee was formed to begin discussing even the possibility of bringing a brand new Mardi Gras parade to downtown and Freetown Lafayette, the Krewe was started with a vision of creating an imaginative and interactive Mardi Gras with no barricades and with an added mission of minimizing the amount of waste left behind in the streets.

The Krewe hopes the vision was fulfilled in 2018 and are looking forward to learning from first-year experiences and making meaningful tweaks to help make next year’s walking parade even bigger and better.

With approximately 180 registered marchers and thousands of individuals and families drawn to businesses in the downtown and Freetown area on Friday night, the Krewe hopes to further grow the mission and scope of its events while contributing to an existing sense of cultural vibrancy in the area.

Krewe de Canailles Band

“Krewe de Canailles was a huge hit in year one. It brings a different, unique, element to Lafayette Parish Mardi Gras and really showcases our culture. As the parade grows in the future, I believe it will be something that our residents and visitors look forward to every year much like they do for our other Mardi Gras activities.” said Ben Berthelot, president and CEO of the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission.

The Krewe and board of directors thank everyone for the warm welcome and are eager to begin work with the community for 2019.