Lafayette, Louisiana, a city of innovation and artistic expression, launched the Lafayette Entertainment Initiative to promote its viability as a prime destination for creative content production. As a forward-thinking, technologically-advanced city, Lafayette is currently recruiting film, music & digital media production companies to participate in its development of next-generation infrastructure. Lafayette is distinguishing itself as a high-tech epicenter focused on smart growth and innovative economic development.

We encourage you to contact our Entertainment Industry office so we can provide you with a customized assessment of our community's resources.

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Assistant to Mayor-President Joel Robideaux Lafayette Consolidated Government
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Unique resources Lafayette has to offer for Movies, Music and Media include:

Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE)

LITE, a $27 million, 70,000 square foot complex, is one of the most comprehensive and tightly integrated visualization and high performance computing installations in the world. Powered by graphic supercomputers enabling clients to visualize volumes of complex data, LITE's capabilities and services bridge the gap in time and space between production studios, processing laboratories, and post production houses. LITE is exploring additional ground-breaking methodologies to service the entertainment industry while poised to respond to its immediate needs.

City-wide Fiber-Optic Connectivity to the Premise

Currently providing broadband connectivity to businesses over a 125 mile, 96 strand fiber loop, Lafayette is the first municipally-owned wired city in Louisiana, and with the launch of the Fiber to the Premise Initiative, Lafayette is becoming one of the most wired communities in the world. The initiative creates a viable infrastructure to sustain the robust demands of post-production companies to produce entertainment content and globally exchange data at bleeding-edge speeds from anywhere in our community.

High Definition Education & Training Programs 

Lafayette is producing a viable labor pool for film, music and digital media production. Industry-tailored curricula at Lafayette's Community & Technical College campuses, as well as the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) offer entertainment career pathways utilizing commercially-compliant, high-definition camera, music, animation, motion capture and video game development resources.

Production Resources

Along with Louisiana's, highly successful entertainment tax incentive package (, Lafayette is prepared to accommodate your entertainment production needs with:

  • 72 hotels / bed & breakfast inns and 17 new hotels in construction
  • 350 restaurants and eateries and 82 catering services   
  • 15 production service companies and talent agencies
  • Regional airport and over 40 transportation services 
  • Office & Warehouse-conversion space


In 2007 Louisiana became the leading film location in the United States, outside of California and New York. Lafayette, Louisiana is fast becoming a prime destination for motion picture production. Along with an aggressive state motion picture tax incentive, the community of Lafayette is welcoming and open to all outlets of creative expression. Businesses in the area are ready and willing to help in any way they can, including catering and special services to help with production and the central location of Lafayette makes it easy for resources around the state to be utilized during production.


Lafayette is fast becoming a leader in the digital media sector. We offer the Louisiana Digital Media Incentive Program (LADMIP) that is designed to support, build and nurture a highly skilled, creative, and technology-driven industry in the state. The program targets animation, gaming and digital effects as well as other interactive media. Along with the LDMIP, Lafayette also boasts an aggressive workforce development at the university and community college levels.


Lafayette is home to a long and diverse musical tradition. Not only do all five of the 2009 Grammy nominees in the Cajun & Zydeco category call Lafayette home, but Lafayette is also home to Festival International de Louisiane, which is the largest outdoor, FREE Francophone event in the U.S. The community is full of talented artists spanning all genres of the musical spectrum.