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Sounds Good

Lafayette may be home to more genres of music than just about anywhere, but our music is a manifestation of the region’s creolized soul rather than ends in themselves.

Lafayette’s music starts with the French language and evolved for movement.
The influence of traditional songs sung by African slaves and gens de couleur libres accompanied by the percussive rhythm of stomping feet and clapping hands led to “la la” music, fast-paced dance music featuring French lyrics.
The accordion, brought to the bayous and prairies by German shopkeepers, projected a huge sound from a little box full of embellishments and spirit. Like our music that accordion is sturdy, simple, and well-engineered.
The fiddle, carried here initially by Europeans with deep roots in African-American culture, not only collected and fused the melodies of the British Isles of Germany, France, and elsewhere, but it Americanized them by infusing them with the blues.
A simple percussive device rounds out the sound. In Cajun music, the tite-fers or triangle. In zydeco, the frottoir or rubboard. The purpose of both is urgency, immediacy, and movement.
If there is an overarching sound in the area's music, its core is these instruments. The character of their interaction and the shared language that allows musicians to communicate across barriers of age, race, and class.
Lafayette is more than a birthplace, and it is not exactly a capital. It remains something untamed, a song of marshes and prairies and muddy roads that is still too busy being born.

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Discover the Sounds of Lafayette

Chubby’s enthusiasm for his heritage and culture is present in every aspect of his life-both professional and personal. Read the Story
Bellows-driven, vibrating reed squeezebox known as the accordion was first manufactured in Germany. Learn the History
The frottoir is a percussive, rhythmic instrument present in Zydeco music and to a lesser extent, in Cajun music. Learn the History
Listen to the songs that have influenced these three remarkably accomplished young musicians. Read the Story
Activist, environmentalist, poet & singer-songwriter Zachary Richard’s roots are deeply planted in Louisiana. Read the Story
A bowed string instrument, the fiddle is central to the sound, culture, and history of Cajun music. Lear the History
The craft behind building the specialized instruments responsible for the music of Cajun Country is rarely, if ever,... Read the Story
A weekly playlist with a rundown of live music in the area curated by local musician Philippe Billeaudeaux. Listen To Playlists
Born, raised, and currently residing in Lafayette, LA Roddie Romero lives and breathes South Louisiana culture. Read the Story
The triangle is a simple, percussive, rhythm instrument central to Cajun music. Learn the History
The Savoy family preserves and shares in the bounty of their Cajun musical and cultural heritage. Read the Story
Listen to the songs that influenced the son of Cajun music royalty Marc and Ann, Joel Savoy. Read the Story

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