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Spring Into Festival Season

Work hard, play hard. It’s not just a motto; it’s a way of life here in the heart of Cajun & Creole Country. No matter what time of year you visit Lafayette, LA we will have something for you to celebrate. That’s in large part because we have a festival for everything-from beer to boudinshrimp to sugarcane, gumbo to gratons-there is literally something happening every week.

Lafayette, LA truly comes alive in the fall and spring with remarkable weather to compliment the multitude of events and festivals. One thing unique to Lafayette, LA is the free concert series that take place in the fall and spring. But, it’s not just the free concert series that makes Lafayette, LA the self-proclaimed Free Music Capital of the World; the fall and spring months alone hosts countless events that boast free music.

Whether your passion is for Lafayette, LA's rich cultural history, the bustling culinary scene or distinctive blend of Cajun and Zydeco music, you can be sure you will leave Lafayette, LA nourished. Plan your escape to the Happiest City in America.

Spring Festivals

Spring Concert Series

Trip Planning Resources

Allons Blog

Sharing the food, music, cuture, and history at the heart of Louisiana's Cajun & Creole Country.

  • African American Musical Legends in Lafayette

    African American Musical Legends in Lafayette

    June is African American Music Appreciation Month. A time to honor, celebrate, and reflect on all the musical accomplishments Black Americans have given throughout the centuries. Louisiana has a strong connection with the musical legacy of this country, from traditional gospel music to the bounce

  • June Events Spotlight

    June Events Spotlight

    If you're looking to spend some time in the Hub City and want to know what events are happening in June, you're in the right place. We'll give you a monthly rundown of live music and other events taking place each month in the Happiest City in America. Cajun Heartland State Fair | May 25-June 4 The

  • Lafayette Weekly

    Lafayette Weekly

    The Cajun Heartland State Fair rolls on this week with nightly performances by artists from right here in Acadiana. Performers include rock guitarist Julian Primeaux, pop outfit LVVRS, and Gulf Coast country star Dustin Sonnier. The fair and concert series wraps up on Sunday with zydeco icon Geno

  • Creole Music

    Creole Music

    An early 20th-century precursor to zydeco, la-la music melds indigenous American, African, European, blues, nascent rhythm and blues, and Louisiana Creole and Cajun traditions to form a popular genre that is both provincial and unmeasurably influential. Primarily associated with Black Creoles of

  • Unconventional Fun: Discovering Unique Activities in Lafayette

    Unconventional Fun: Discovering Unique Activities in Lafayette

    Lafayette has plenty of unique festivals, bars, and restaurants to visit, with new additions popping up constantly. Outside those activities, Lafayette is packed with exciting things to try alone or with friends. If you are sporty, artsy, or somewhere in between, there is something for you to love.

  • Pickleball in Lafayette: Top Places to Play

    Pickleball in Lafayette: Top Places to Play

    If you haven't heard of pickleball, you will soon! This sports craze has swept the nation as courts continue popping up. Lafayette is no exception, with residents picking up their paddles to participate. "I wanted to set up a regular day for new people or people who want to learn more about

  • Zydeco Music

    Zydeco Music

    Zydeco is a continuously evolving Louisiana music genre that blends elements of many Black American folk and pop styles, including blues, rhythm and blues, gospel, jazz, rock and roll, soul, funk, hip-hop, and rap. Though scholars surmise that zydeco contains deeper historical roots in West African

  • Cajun Music

    Cajun Music

    Cajun music is a central component and marker of Cajun identity and culture in southwestern Louisiana. Largely accordion and fiddle based, and mostly sung in vernacular French, Cajun music has foundations in Indigenous American, African, German, Irish, Anglo-American as well as Francophone folk

  • Top Sights in Broussard, LA

    Top Sights in Broussard, LA

    Six miles southeast of Lafayette lies the city of Broussard, routinely one of Louisiana's fastest-growing modern cities. But it began when merchant Valsin Broussard arrived during the cold winter of 1784. The descendant of Joseph "Beausoleil" Broussard, an Acadian hero, Valsin named the place Cote

  • Top Sights in Youngsville, LA

    Top Sights in Youngsville, LA

    Despite its name, Youngsville dates to 1831 when Acadian J.J. Roy arrived, later laying out a settlement with his son Desiré Roy. Back then, it was called Royville, but folks confused it with Rayville in Richland Parish, and the U.S. Postal Service asked for a change. In 1908, Youngsville came to

  • 5 Epic Outdoor Experiences in Lafayette

    5 Epic Outdoor Experiences in Lafayette

    Lafayette, 135 miles west of New Orleans, is a bustling city nestled in French-speaking Louisiana. With its laid-back vibe and vibrant culture, it’s no surprise that it’s known as the ‘Happiest City in America’. Blessed with atmospheric natural beauty and diverse wildlife, there’s a variety of

  • Ultimate Outdoor Adventures for Kids

    Ultimate Outdoor Adventures for Kids

    South Louisiana is a nature-lover’s paradise with its mild climate, hardwood swamps and wildlife galore. Acadiana is home to hundreds of species of birds and fish as well as the famed American Alligator. Lafayette is the perfect home base for a day of exploring with the family, whether you’re

  • Top 5 Places to Hike in Acadiana

    Top 5 Places to Hike in Acadiana

    Hiking is the perfect way for the entire family, at any skill level, to experience the outdoors without breaking the budget. It provides the opportunity to see places you’d never get to see otherwise, at a pace that allows you to really experience your surroundings. Before setting out, be aware that

  • Top 5 Places to Paddle in Acadiana

    Top 5 Places to Paddle in Acadiana

    South Louisiana’s waterways provide a gateway to outdoor adventure like no other. Exploration of this region in a kayak or canoe is an unforgettable wilderness experience and offers the perfect opportunity for wildlife spotting, birdwatching, and photography. Spend some time discovering the beauty

  • Lafayette's Best Neighborhood Bars

    Lafayette's Best Neighborhood Bars

    It's the place you swing by after a long day work, to watch the game or just to yuck it up with some familiar faces. It was the backdrop of a long-running TV series where "Everybody knows your name". Yes, I'm talking about the neighbor bar. South Louisiana has a long list watering holes that cater

  • Woman Owned Restaurants

    Woman Owned Restaurants

    March is Women's History Month, and to celebrate, we're showing support to local, female-owned businesses. These eateries are diverse in the types of food offered; some are new to the scene, some are established classics. Either way, these restaurants, and the boss babes who run them are paving the

  • Bon Temps Grill

    Bon Temps Grill

    Brothers Patrick and Steven O'Bryan grew up in the hospitality industry, Patrick started as a busboy at Cafe Vermilion, and Steven worked in corporate restaurants training kitchen staff. So it only made sense that the two joined forces to open their restaurant. In 2012 the brothers opened Bon Temps

  • Mediterranean Cuisine in Lafayette

    Mediterranean Cuisine in Lafayette

    There is plenty of Greek and Lebanese food in the area. There are so many delicious options, from classic gyros and moussaka to creamy tzatziki sauce and the ever-popular spanakopita. If you're looking for a place to try Mediterranean, Lafayette has express stops and fast-casual to formal dining and

  • Fried Chicken in Lafayette

    Fried Chicken in Lafayette

    We take fried chicken seriously in the South. However, it can be highly versatile - spicy, greasy, on a waffle, with a side of fried rice, or over braised greens. This list of locally owned Lafayette staples’ offerings ranges from secret menu items and plate lunch specials to fried chicken being

  • Get Your Jam On In Lafayette

    Get Your Jam On In Lafayette

    So, does all the great music you hear in Lafayette inspire you to play along? Do you have your guitar, fiddle, accordion, or other acoustic instruments --- including your voice--- handy? Or do you enjoy listening to a group of people playing classic Cajun, Zydeco, or old-timey music in a laid-back,

  • Whiskey & Vine

    Whiskey & Vine

    Do you ever wish you could hang out in New Orleans without having to drive there? Brothers Patrick and Steven O'Bryan did. They love the classic jazz clubs like the Bombay Club or Palm Court in the Big Easy but wanted that same vibe right here in Lafayette. In November 2022, that vision came to

  • Black Icons in Lafayette

    Black Icons in Lafayette

    February may be one of the shorter months jam-packed with celebratory events like the Superbowl, Valentine's Day, President's Day, and Mardi Gras, but what makes this month even more significant is the celebration of Black lives and history with Black History Month. Beginning in 1926 as a week-long

  • Black-Owned Restaurants

    Black-Owned Restaurants

    In celebration of the region’s black community, we’re exploring the Creole and soul food restaurants the area offers. Lafayette has a growing list of black-owned businesses; many serve delicious sweets, plate lunches, burgers, and late-night hangs. These are only a few black-owned restaurants. Other

  • Spring Has Sprung in Lafayette

    Spring Has Sprung in Lafayette

    In Lafayette, Spring parades in like a Mardi Gras and two-steps out like a Zydeco Queen. Gardens burst with azaleas in every shade of pink, peach, red, and lavender, while magnolia trees present their showy white blossoms. Spanish moss-draped cypress and tupelo trees in swamps and lakes proudly

  • New Restaurants Open in Lafayette

    New Restaurants Open in Lafayette

    Lafayette restaurnteurs can give themselves a pat on the back for opening so many new eateries in town over the past year. From breweries to soda fountains, there’s a new spot for everyone. Check out these new restaurants in and around Lafayette Parish! Don't see your new favorite restaurant on the

  • Mardi Gras Indians of Lafayette

    Mardi Gras Indians of Lafayette

    Living Tradition at Pontiac Point Bells, whistles, dance, and chants drape Simcoe and Surrey St. on Mardi Gras morning. The Mardi Gras Indian walking parade at Pontiac Point is a staple of Black Carnival, inspiring unity within the community. Lafayette Creole Mardi Gras introduced their original

  • Top Sights in Scott, LA

    Top Sights in Scott, LA

    Much of Southwest Louisiana developed when the railroad came through in the late 1800s. In 1880, the Louisiana Western Railroad obtained a right-of-way northwest of Lafayette, through the land of V. Cayret, who insisted the railroad place a station there in the hopes of encouraging the creation of a

  • Pet Friendly Places in Lafayette

    Pet Friendly Places in Lafayette

    Hey there, all you convivial canines! As the official "dogger" (i.e., doggy blogger) for Lafayette Travel, I'm panting with excitement to tell you that not only is Lafayette the Happiest City in America for humans, it's pretty tail-wagging welcoming for us 4-legged visitors as well. There are

  • Italian Restaurants in Lafayette

    Italian Restaurants in Lafayette

    Italian restaurants can serve many purposes: pizza with friends, a romantic dinner, or a comforting plate of cheesy red lasagna after a hard day at work. A lot of times, you can find all three in the same place. Lafayette has its fair share of locally owned Italian restaurants that span from casual

  • Holiday Shopping Guide in Lafayette, LA

    Holiday Shopping Guide in Lafayette, LA

    Shopping locally is one of the best ways to support our neighbors and build our communities! Small business owners, artists, and creators make Lafayette, LA's shopping experience truly unique. Could you imagine Lafayette without the charm of our local gift shops, art galleries, boutiques, and craft

  • 7 Great Happy Hours You Should Know About

    7 Great Happy Hours You Should Know About

    Everyone knows about the regular happy hour specials. Things like 2-for-1 margaritas, cheap beers, and a random assortment of snacks to munch on, but here in Lafayette, we offer more than just the norm. No matter what day you're looking to steal a deal, you can find a happy hour special that'll

  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette Student Welcome Guide

    University of Louisiana at Lafayette Student Welcome Guide

    We've partnered with University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) student Christina Chauffe to create a Welcome Guide for the incoming University of Louisiana at Lafayette students. The informative guide will point you toward everything you may need during your time at ULL. Whether you're looking for

  • UL Lafayette Sports Schedules

    UL Lafayette Sports Schedules

    Louisiana’s Cajun Country has a distinct personality, known for food, family, and revelry, and it’s no different when it comes to football. Voted best collegiate team nickname by ESPN, The Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns embody family fun. Check out the upcoming 2022 sports schedule for the Ragin Cajuns.

  • Tips for Vacationing in Lafayette, LA

    Tips for Vacationing in Lafayette, LA

    Life’s easy in South Louisiana, so pack a bag and come on down. But if you need a little more guidance, we’ve compiled a few tips for vacationing in Lafayette Parish and surrounding areas. What to Wear There’s an old joke in Louisiana that our winters here are so short, last year it was a

  • What's New in Lafayette

    What's New in Lafayette

    Lafayette is flush with new happenings, from hip restaurants opening, to more ways to enjoy the outdoors and the expansion of Moncus Park, Lafayette’s beloved property and community gathering spot in the heart of town. Check out what’s new in Lafayette. Let’s Eat Chef Ryan Trahan opened Vestal on

  • Asian Cuisine in Lafayette

    Asian Cuisine in Lafayette

    Pho, pad thai, bulgogi, and pot stickers - these foods rate among some of my top favorite dishes. They all happen to fall under the category of Asian cuisine. Lucky for us, Louisiana has the 10th largest Vietnamese population, according to 2010 census data. With a pocket community of Laotian

  • Spice Up Your Winter in Lafayette

    Spice Up Your Winter in Lafayette

    From the first December jingle jingle in anticipation of the arrival of Papa Noël to the last strains of the Mardi Gras song constantly heard in February, winter in Lafayette is a season of celebration and an opportunity to experience all that America's Happiest City has to offer. Winter has its own

  • Generational Restaurants in Lafayette

    Generational Restaurants in Lafayette

    In Acadiana, generational talent is easy to find - many musicians are descendants of a long line of music-making families. For example, the Savoys, Delafoses, Berards, Ardoins, and Huvals are families in which the craft has been passed down. Just as important to the area's culture is our food, and

  • Kolaches in Lafayette

    Kolaches in Lafayette

    People in Acadiana like to pass a good time. But when you have too much of a good time, you may need a rescue remedy in the morning. Enter kolaches. For the rest of the country, a kolache is a sweet, fruit-filled puff pastry sometimes coated with a sugary glaze. But in Lafayette, we like everything

  • Favor Cuisine

    Favor Cuisine

    There is no shortage of hidden gems on Lafayette’s Northside. A few blocks up from Cameron on North University sits Favor Cuisine, a homestyle Creole lunch spot. Opened in 2021, owner Dale Faulk wanted a creole lunch spot with a homemade flair. An unpretentious, casual spot, Favor Cuisine runs

  • Family Friendly Ragin' Cajuns Football Guide

    Family Friendly Ragin' Cajuns Football Guide

    Louisiana's Cajun Country has a distinct personality, known for food, family, and revelry. It's no different when it comes to football. The Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns embody family fun. @lafayettetravel Ragin’ Cajuns are you ready for Saturday? 🏈🏟🤟 #collegefootball #gameday #acadianagameday

  • Poupart's Bakery

    Poupart's Bakery

    Walking into Poupart’s Bakery on a Saturday morning is like walking into une boulangerie in Paris. The expansive cases of pastries, colorful rows of petit fours, and racks of freshly baked bread take you to another romantic time and place. There’s a good reason the 55-year-old French bakery takes

  • Things To Do On A Sunday in Lafayette

    Things To Do On A Sunday in Lafayette

    The fun never stops in Lafayette, a Cajun and Creole city rich in culture, history, and food. And that includes Sundays. You'll find our outstanding cuisine, live music, dance floors, and unique natural environment waiting for your weekend visit. Check out our suggestions on Sunday activities and

  • Marcello's Wine Market & Cafe

    Marcello's Wine Market & Cafe

    Do you have a big date coming up? What about a significant anniversary? Whether you are looking for a special place to celebrate or a romantic corner to snuggle over a bottle of wine, Marcello's Wine Market & Cafe is your go-to for fine dining. Gene and Marcello Todaro opened Marcello's in 1981

  • Boutin's


    It is hard to beat a homemade gumbo, an etouffee that your MawMaw made, and it's hard to find a favorite Cajun dish in a restaurant that out-shines those favorite family recipes you grew up eating. But not impossible. Boutin's Seafood and Oysters in Carencro come pretty dang close. With a homestyle

  • Acadiana Bar & Grill

    Acadiana Bar & Grill

    The Acadiana Bar & Grill is just what its namesake describes - a sports bar with classics celebrating all things Acadiana. Think family-friendly atmosphere with arcade games, big screen TVs, and local sports decor across a large, open floor plan. The concept launched in 2017 in a former restaurant

  • Falling for Fun in America's Happiest City

    Falling for Fun in America's Happiest City

    Come out, come out, wherever you are! Summer has ceased, and fall is fresh! With cooler temperatures and oh-so-many fun and exciting things to do, fall in Lafayette is prime time for festivals, food, music, cultural events, and outdoor activities. Join us, and we guarantee you will fall in love with

  • Poorboy's Riverside Inn

    Poorboy's Riverside Inn

    Poorboy’s Riverside Inn is one of the longest-operating restaurants in Acadiana. The seafood restaurant has a rich history from where it started to what it is today. In the 1930s, Hulo “poorboy” Landry started a snowball stand after discovering he had a flour allergy and could no longer work for the

  • Ton's Drive In

    Ton's Drive In

    When someone hears the title "drive-in," you are instantly taken back to simpler times - car hops, old-fashioned burgers, milkshakes, and friendly smiles. You don't have to go back in time to experience such a drive-in at Ton's. This family-owned restaurant has been open in Broussard since 1963 and

  • Tchoup’s MidCity Smokehouse

    Tchoup’s MidCity Smokehouse

    Walking into Tchoup's Midcity Smokehouse is like walking into a good friend's home for Sunday dinner. Nested in a refurbished 70-plus-year-old home, owners Ryan and Traci Pecot kept as much of the original charm intact as possible. The husband and wife team opened Thcoup's Midcity during the COVID