Azalea Bike Trail

A sure sign that spring has arrived in Lafayette, LA is the abundance of azaleas in a spectrum of reds, pinks, whites, purples and salmons. Approximately 20 miles of Lafayette, LA city streets are lined with azaleas that adorn beautiful homes and historical sites. Some of the bushes are gigantic and over 50-years-old!

There are plenty of ways to catch these beautiful blooms, but if you're looking to really take in the sights, two wheels is the way to go. Below you will find five routes to choose from that explore Downtown, the Oil Center, and some of Lafayette's historic neighborhoods. Pick the best route for your adventure or do the whole thing in one or more days to see all the sights.

See below for maps of the routes as well as a detailed breakdown below.

Prefer to see the blooms while driving? Download the Lafayette Azalea Trail map.

Mouton Plantation to Myrtle Place

  • Starts at Mouton Plantation on Sterling St.
  • Continue on Sterling and cross Simcoe St.
  • Continue on Sterling taking a right on Jefferson St.
  • Continue on Jefferson St. taking a right on W. Vermilion
  • Continue on W. Vermilion taking a left on St. John
  • Continue on St. John crossing University which turns into St. Landry
  • Continue on St. Landry taking a right on W. St. Mary
  • Continue on W. St. Mary until you reach Azalea St.
  • Continue to the next route or return back to Mouton Plantation

Myrtle Place to Hilliard Art Museum

  • Starts at 306 Azalea St. in the Myrtle Place and Saint Street neighborhoods
  • Go up Myrtle Place making the loop at the end of the street
  • Continue on Myrtle Place taking a right on Pauline
  • Continue on Pauline taking a right on W. St. Mary
  • Continue on W. St. Mary making the loop at the end of the street
  • Continue down W. St. Mary passing Congress and Johnston
  • Continue on St. Mary until you reach the Hilliard Art Museum

Hilliard Art Museum to Oil Center

  • Starts at the Hilliard Art Museum on E. St. Mary
  • Continue on E. St. Mary crossing Pinhook onto Mall St.
  • Continue on Mall St. making the loop before crossing back over Pinhook
  • Continue of E. St. Mary taking a left on Girard Park Dr.
  • Continue on Girard Park Dr. making the loop before continuing past the roundabout to Heymann Memorial Park

Oil Center to Bendel Gardens

  • Starts at Cafe Cottage off of E. St. Mary on Coolidge
  • Continue all the way down Coolidge crossing South College onto Bendel
  • Continue on Bendel taking a right on Marguerite
  • Continue down Marguerite taking a right on Beverly
  • Continue on Beverly until you return to Marguerite
  • Continue on Marguerite crossing Bendel into the back parking lot to Hub City Diner

Rotary Point to West Bayou Parkway

  • Starts at Rotary Point on W. Bayou Pkwy.
  • Continue on W. Bayou Pkwy. taking a right on Shannon
  • Continue on Shannon making the loop then taking a right on Shannon
  • Continue on Shannon taking a left on Kings
  • Continue on Kings crossing W. Bayou Pkwy.
  • Continue on Kinds taking a left on Stonehenge
  • Continue on Stonehenge taking a left on Canterbury
  • Continue on Canterbury taking a right on Greenbriar
  • Continue on Greenbriar taking a right on W. Bayou Pkwy.
  • Continue down W. Bayou Pkwy. until you reach Rotary Point

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