Unleash your inner genius and gather your trivia squad! From cozy pubs to bustling breweries, Lafayette boasts a vibrant scene of local trivia nights catering to every curious mind. What else can you do with all that useless knowledge? Whether you're a TV buff or a science enthusiast, there's a trivia challenge waiting to test your wealth of ideas. So get ready to put your knowledge to the test at one of Lafayette's trivia hotspots!

Pigeon Post Trivia

The most active trivia entity is Pigeon Post. Owned and operated by Nancy Roy, Pigeon Post hops around to locally owned bars and restaurants throughout the month. YOu can find her depending on what subject you're looking to test your knowledge on or day of the week. The level of difficulty is public-friendly. "Nobody wants trivia questions that are harder than GRE questions," says Nancy.

Topics can range from holiday-themed like Rocky Horror Picture Show during the spooky season or Game of Thrones trivia to off-topic questions like "Name that famous pig." Locations include multiple Legends of Lafayette locations, Fat Pat's, The Stage Karaoke Bar, Gloria's, Adopted Dog, and even Moncus Park. If you think you and your team have what it takes to win trivia night, there are prizes for first, second, and third place. Be sure to check Pigeon Posts Facebook page for the latest schedule.

If you prefer to pair your trivia with craft beer, local brewery Parish Brewing hosts weekly trivia on Thursday nights at 6:00 pm. Topics can vary, and the level of difficulty is moderate. Each trivia night consists of two games of general trivia with three rounds of five questions in each round. Expect to spend about a half-hour for each game. Bring along two of your smartest friends to form a team (three is the largest team allowed). The winners receive a free crowler or $20 gift cards to Parish.  

Trivia Nerds

If you would rather snack on burgers and fries during your trivia game, follow Trivia Nerds. They bounce around between Burgersmith Lafayette and Broussard locations, along with Brauddus Burgers and the Ruins. Trivia Nerds hosts fun, easily accessible topics such as football and pop culture. Difficulty level: easy to moderate. If you are a music, movie, or TV junkie, these are your people. With trivia nights like Jurassic Park, Sex and the City, or 90s Music, there's something for everyone. Prizes go out to the top three winning teams. Check their Facebook page for more information.

Hideaway on Lee Trivia

Local tour guide and blacksmith Jay Steiner has been hosting trivia around town for years. Recently, you can find him at the Hideaway on Lee on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm. Gather your most educated and highly intelligent buddies for this one, as Jay's trivia is the most difficult in town. The winning team gets a $25 tab at Hideaway to replenish all that used brain power.