Member Benefits



Lafayette Travel provides a monthly membership luncheon or social designed to give its members an opportunity to network with others in the tourism industry.

Brochure Display:

Members are provided a space to display brochures in the Lafayette Travel’s Visitor Center.

Publications & Internet - Members are listed in:
  • Visitors Guide (markets: consumers and convention delegates).
  • Lafayette Travel Planner Guide (markets: meeting planners, sports tournament directors, travel agents, group tour planners, media and film).
  • Lafayette Travel Membership Directory
  • - the official tourism site for LCVC - all markets.
  • Other publications as deemed necessary.
Sales Missions, Sales Leads and Convention Calendar:

As it is the mission of Lafayette Travel to attract visitors to Lafayette Parish for overnight stays, the convention calendar, participation in sales missions and access to sales leads are available only to Full Members, defined as lodging members in Lafayette Parish, as well as non-lodging members within a 30-mile radius from Lafayette center. Exceptions for associations, businesses and corporations may be granted for room-night generating entities including, but not limited to, bus companies, airlines, state associations and tour services.