There’s an old saying that goes “Nothing average ever stood as a monument to progress.” When progress is looking for a partner, it turns to those who are determined to be the best. Lafayette, LA is a city that was built upon partnership, innovation and strong work ethic, but what makes us unique is our food, music, culture and old-fashioned Southern hospitality.

We know why Lafayette, LA is on your radar. We do things just a little differently than everyone else. We understand the delicate balance between business and pleasure so much so that we’ve coined the term work hard, play hard. On any night of the week you can listen to live music and sample some of our unique cuisine while sipping on a sazarac that will have your taste buds dancing as much as your feet. No matter what time of year you’re looking to plan your meeting in Cajun & Creole Country, there's always something to celebrate.

Helping our partners plan successful meetings is our job, day in and day out. Helping you have the time of your life once the business is over is our passion.

Cajundome - Exterior