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Poor Boy's Riverside Inn

Poor Boy's Riverside Inn is one of the longest-operating restaurants in Acadiana. The seafood restaurant has a rich history from where it started to what it is today. In the 1930s, Hulo “Poor Boy” Landry started a snowball stand after discovering he had a flour allergy and could no longer work for…

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Lafayette's Historic Restaurants

In the late 1700s, South Louisiana was a melting pot of cultures where families, friends, travelers, and neighbors gathered around the table at mealtime. Cajun culture today still revolves around food, family, and joie de vivre—a joy of life. Many of the area’s most popular restaurants have been…

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Po'boys: The Southern Sandwich Staple

Throughout the U.S., you'll find a sandwich tied to just about every region of the country. The North claims the Reuben, lobster roll, Philly cheesesteak and pastrami on rye. Here in Louisiana, the po'boy reigns as a Southern sandwich staple with nearly hundreds of regional restaurants, diners and…

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