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Two-Step Your Way through Acadiana

If you’ve been to any event in South Louisiana you know anytime there’s music there’s dancing. And trust us, there’s never any shortage of music! No matter the dance floor, be it your typical wooden floor, a concrete slab, or even a patch of green grass in front of the stage, we Cajuns will find a…

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Wedding Venues in Lafayette, LA

Lafayette is a picturesque backdrop for couples seeking an enchanting and unique setting to exchange their vows. Dripping with French and Creole heritage, Lafayette embraces romance with open arms, offering a variety of wedding venues flavored with Southern charm. From historic estates and grounds…

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Top 10 Scariest Places in Acadiana

Who haunts the houses and buildings of Acadiana, a region rich in culture and history? Those who refuse to leave hang in shadows, tease us with weird happenings, and some even show themselves in the dark of night. Here are a few scary places to visit in Lafayette, but only if you’re brave enough to…

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