Stay Happy

Lafayette, LA is at the heart of Louisiana’s Cajun Country, an area known for letting the good times roll, or as we say it laissez les bons temps rouler, and people are starting to notice. The Wall Street Journal’s recently named Lafayette, LA as the “Happiest City in America” and it’s no mystery why. With our distinctive blend of food, music and culture it’s no wonder people from all over are heading down south with a smile on their face.

The New TABASCO® Experience
Learn how the world famous TABASCO® brand pepper sauce gets made from the greenhouse to the mash warehouse all the way to through processing and bottling at the new TABASCO® experience. After the tour, sample some of the peppered products and leave grinning from ear to ear with souvenirs at the Tabasco Country Store.

Vermilionville is a 23-acre historic and folklife park along the banks of the Bayou Vermilion that depicts the Acadian, Creole and Native American cultures from the time period 1765 – 1890. This historic village features guided tours, costumed artisans, live music, cooking school, dance lessons, boat tours, and a gift shop that will leave you overjoyed with history and culture.

Blue Dog Café
Experience the work of world renowned artist George Rodrigue while sampling award winning cuisine at the Blue Dog Café. Learn about the history of the Blue Dog, Rodrigue’s most notable character and icon of the South, while tasting Cajun inspired cuisine with a southwestern twist. Your eyes and mouth will leave elated and encourage you to “Sit.  Stay.  Eat.”

Downtown Lafayette Museums
Lafayette, LA’s Downtown is dotted with museums that will have your eyes beaming with delight. Start off at the Acadiana Center for the Arts and make your way down the museum loop to the Alexandre Mouton House, Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Children’s Museum of Acadiana, Cité des Arts and the Lafayette Science Museum & Planetarium

Martin Accordions
Hear the story of how Junior Martin and his family began making custom crafted diatonic accordions used by professionals and amateurs musicians around the world. Learn about the many steps in creating the accordion from the artist himself and sit back in delight as he demonstrates how this joyous instrument is played.

Dinner & Dancing
The only thing we enjoy more than eating down here in Cajun Country is dancing. Get the best of both worlds as you sample local flavors from restaurants like Pont Breaux’s, Prejean’s or Randol’s Restaurant with accompanying live music seven days a week. Sample our unique Cajun cuisine while two stepping around the dance floor to local music. Your feet and you appetite will be doing a happy dance.