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Allons™ in Cajun French means “come now” or “let’s go” which perfectly sums up what Lafayette Travel's new bi-monthly inspiration journal is all about. Allons™ serves as a travel resource for visitors listing over 300 tourism-related businesses in Acadiana under accommodations, attractions, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and transportation. Allons’ editorial content shares the stories behind the food, music, culture, and history at the heart of Cajun & Creole country, serving them up with a heaping helping of witty dialogue and first-hand photography. A calendar of events, highlights of seasonal festivals and area maps are included as well.


Allons is published four times a year beginning in  January with an issue every quarter 12,000 copies of each issue will be printed. The schedule for 2023 is:

Delivery: Week of January 9
Ad/Listing Deadline: December 9

Delivery: Week of April 10
Ad/Listing Deadline: March 10

Delivery: Week of July 10
Ad/Listing Deadline: June 9

Delivery: Week of October 9
Ad/Listing Deadline: September 8


As its official inquiry fulfillment publication, the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission (LCVC) will

  • Allons is on the home page of the LCVC website in a click and turn format including a direct link to advertiser’s website.
  • Allons is promoted on our digital display at the LFT airport near the baggage claim area
  • Direct mail Allons to individuals and organizations in response to inquiries from LCVC advertising and Louisiana Office of Tourism co-op advertising promotions. The inquiries come from throughout the United States and several foreign countries.
  • Distribute Allons to convention organizers, exhibitors and delegates.
  • Include Allons in all media information packets.
  • Give Allons to visitors who stop at the LCVC information Center located at 1400 NW Evangeline Thwy.
  • LCVC will deliver Allons to 91 tourist information centers and destinations throughout Louisiana.
  • Certified Folder Display Services distributes Allons in its 111 brochure rack locations in the Acadiana area. These 111 locations include hotels/motels, campgrounds/RV parks, tourist attractions and restaurants.
  • Additionally, LCVC distributes Allons throughout Lafayette Parish in hotel rooms and lobbies, the Lafayette Airport, the Chamber of Commerce, real estate agencies, as well as, campgrounds, tourist attractions and restaurants.


Allons™ measures 4.125” across by 8.25“tall and is printed on enamel gloss stock, full color throughout, stitched and trimmed. 20,000 circulations per issue, published six times a year.

2023 Advertising Rates

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Safety Area (Red Dotted Line)
The area on a page where you can safely place copy or other important elements.

Bleed (Gold Dotted Line)
Extra image that extends beyond the edge of the page. When trimmed this ensures the ad will not have a white line down the edge due to cutting variation during printing.

Trim (Solid Gold Line)
The edge of the printed page after bleed has been cut off. All measurements are in inches.

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