In Acadiana, generational talent is easy to find - many musicians are descendants of a long line of music-making families. For example, the Savoys, Delafoses, Berards, Ardoins, and Huvals are families in which the craft has been passed down. Just as important to the area's culture is our food, and generational talent in the restaurant industry is no exception. Regarding food families, we think of the Girourards, Broussards, Judices, and of course, the Dwyers. There are several families in which iconic restaurants have been passed down through generations, and the love and passion in the dishes show.

Poor Boy's Riverside Inn

Riverside Inn

240 Tubing Rd, Broussard, LA 70518
(337) 837-4011

Poor Boy's Riverside Inn is one of the longest-operating restaurants in Acadiana. The seafood restaurant has a rich history from where it started to what it is today. In the 1930s, Hulo “Poor Boy” Landry started a snowball stand after discovering he had a flour allergy and could no longer work for the family enterprise - Evangeline Made Bread. He would take his lunch breaks in between serving customers who quickly took notice of his poor boy sandwich he learned to make in slave quarters in New Orleans and from his coworkers at The Roosevelt Hotel. After repeated requests to buy his lunch, satisfied customers encouraged him to open a restaurant when they realized how delicious his poor boys were. Hence an iconic restaurant and nickname were born.

Laura's II

Laura's II Madonna Broussard In Lafayette, LA

1904 W University Ave, Lafayette, LA 70506
(337) 593-8006

When your grandmother opens the first soul food kitchen in Lafayette, then your mother opens the first Laura's, it is a reasonable assumption you will know a thing or two about running a successful restaurant. This is the case for Madonna Broussard, the owner of Laura's II, one of Lafayette's most popular plate lunch spots. Mrs. Broussard is the third generation of restaurant owners. When soul food is in your blood, it's hard not to pass that passion on to customers.

Ton's Drive In

Ton's Owners

101 W Main St. Broussard, LA 70518

Ton's is another staple that has been in the hands of multiple generations of women-owners. Initially owned by Rosemary Girouard, her daughter-in-law, Jaunita, and granddaughter Hollie Girouard, now run the spot. Open since 1963, Ton's has remained locally owned throughout the years and still has a great burger. Hungry? Try the Monster Cheeseburger: 12 oz of beef piled with cheese and all the fixings.

Cafe Vermilionville

Cafe Vermilionville

1304 W Pinhook Rd, Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 237-0100

Second-generation owner Ken Veron and his wife Andrea own and operate historic Café Vermilionville. Ken's father, Poncho founded the restaurant in 1981. Ken grew up in the business working as a dishwasher, and Andrea started her restaurant career as a hostess at 16. The historic charm of the building, combined with the charm of the Verons, make this generational restaurant a cozy classic.

Judice Inn

Gerald Judice

3134 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 984-5614

The popular burger joint was opened in 1947 by two brothers, Alcide and Marc Judice. Over the years, the large Judice family has rotated as staff through the Inn. The typical age to begin work in the restaurant was seven years old, and you started waiting tables at twelve. Gerald Judice, the youngest of Marc's sons, owns and operates Judice Inn. However, many children are known to pop in and help occasionally. Many of the nephews and grandchildren of Marc and Al currently work at the Inn.

Dwyer's Cafe

Dwyer's Cafe Father and Son

323 Jefferson St, Lafayette, LA 70501
(337) 235-9364

Dwyer's is operated by a third-generation Dwyer. In 1927 Wilbur "Pop" and Essil Stinson opened Pop Stinson's Cafe on Jefferson Street and Vermilion. In 1945, Stanley Dwyer began working for Stinson's Cafe. Twenty years later, Dwyer purchased the restaurant in 1965 from Essil Stinson. He changed the name to Dwyer's Cafe about two years later. In 1975, Michael Dwyer purchased the restaurant from his father and moved to its current location at the corner of Jefferson and Garfield. In the 2010s, Michael's sons Brett and Craig purchased Dwyers from their father Michael and still operate the restaurant.

Alesi's Pizza House

Alesi's Pizza House

4110 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 984-1823

Mariano "Mike" Alesi and his wife Bertha opened Alesi's in 1957. The pizza house on Johnston street is known as the city's first pizza place. Their sons Mariano "Mike" Jr. and Charles own the restaurant, and their grandsons Mari and Josh manage the business, carrying on the tradition of three generations of pizza.  

Cafe Habana City

Cafe Habana City Exterior

911 Bertrand Dr, Lafayette, LA 70506
(337) 267-3060

Cafe Habana City opened its doors in 2002 by Cuban ex-pat Rafael Garcia. While Garcia may be the first generation to own and operate the cafe, the dishes are a product of three generations of family members. His mother and grandmother both work and create authentic Cuban dishes for the restaurant and assist customers. The Ropa Vieja - a slowly simmered beef gravy over rice is the cafe's shining star but don't sleep on the Cuban sandwich.