Whether you are an expectant mom, living a sober life, or just looking to cut back on alcohol, mocktails, alcohol-free beer, and other nonalcoholic options are growing in popularity. Not everyone wants a sugary soda or coffee as their option. Are you hanging out with friends at a brewery? It's even more fun if you can enjoy an alcohol-free version alongside them. A few places in Acadiana offer mocktails, AF beer, or kombucha for you to get into the spirit.

Adopted Dog Brewing

Adopted Dog Brewing

Adopted Dog truly has something for everyone: arcade games for the kiddos, treat-worthy brews for the pups, outdoor seating to enjoy the fleeting Louisiana spring, and nonalcoholic beer options. Alongside their own house-made beer, Adopted Dog carries Athletic Brewing in various flavors, such as Freewave IPA, Upside Down Golden Ale, and a rotating seasonal.

The Yard Goat

The Yard Goat

The Yard Goat is a 21+ biergarten-style hang with plenty of outdoor seating, food, and over 50 types of beer to choose from. But if you are watching your alcohol intake, don't worry. They offer Heineken Zero, Mockly Eye Opener, and Mockly Love Bite mocktails. Mockly is a New Orleans-based company that makes fun, interesting flavor combos.


Marcello's COcktails

Ah yes, there's nothing like sharing a bottle of wine over elegant pasta in a romantic setting for an intimate date. But it's a bummer if you don't drink - not at Marcello Italian restaurant. They have added an entire mocktail menu that features Lyre's Nonalcoholic Spirits. It features some of Italy's favorites, such as Negroni or a Boulevardier.

Spoonbill Watering Hole

Spoonbill Cocktail

Another fun spot to hang out with friends, enjoy the weather, grab some snacks, and sip on drinks is Spoonbill. No one has to miss out on the fun here. Spoonbill offers a variety of mocktails, such as the Cucumber Mint Limeade, a cool, refreshing beverage, and locally made R2 Positive Culture Kombucha in a variety of flavors, such as raspberry. 

Five Mile Eatery

Five Mile Eatery

While Five Mile Eatery is only open for breakfast and lunch, you can still get your hands on local kombucha. They carry a rotating selection of R2 Positive Culture's latest flavors, like Elderflower and kefir soda (a fermented soda similar to kombucha made with grains) for fizzy sipping. R2 Positive Culture is made right here in Lafayette.

Social Southern Table

Social Southern Table and Bar

Social has a few different nonalcoholic options for those looking to abstain but still indulge. Their clever bartenders are always up for a challenge to create fun mocktails on the fly. In addition, they carry Heineken Zero and Mockly premade mocktails in Love Bite, Eye Opener, and Baron Von Blue.

Hideaway on Lee

Hideaway on Lee Restaurant

Rockin' out to the local blues band or enjoying the relaxing tunes of jazz night doesn't quite have the same ring to it when you're sipping on…water. Good thing at Hideaway on Lee, you can listen to local live bands and still enjoy a delicious beverage. Their mocktail menu consists of three flavor profiles - grapefruit and Elderflower, pineapple and orgeat, and strawberry-hibiscus ginger ale.