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Marcello's Wine Market & Cafe

Do you have a big date coming up? What about a significant anniversary? Whether you are looking for a special place to celebrate or a romantic corner to snuggle over a bottle of wine, Marcello's Wine Market & Cafe is your go-to for fine dining. Gene and Marcello Todaro opened Marcello's in 1981…

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Coolest Cocktails in Lafayette

Libations. Spirits. Cocktails. Drinks. Aperitif. Whatever you call it, liquid concoctions of booze, fruit, herbs, and other flavors can elevate any outing. Bartenders and mixologists are becoming more playful and adventurous on their bar menus. There's something for everyone, from old-school…

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Best Places For Romance in Lafayette

From fairytale gardens and majestic oak trees draped with moss to Cajun cuisine fit for a king, South Louisiana is a dreamy destination for couples. Whether you’re visiting for Valentine’s Day, planning an anniversary weekend, or just desiring a couple’s getaway, you’ll find plenty of ways to…

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