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Lafayette Travel founded EatLafayette™ as a way to support locally owned restaurants during the slower summer months. Lafayette Travel serves as a tourism promotion and marketing coordinator for all of Lafayette Parish, advertising the destination throughout the world as a highly desirable vacation and convention location.

This year Eatlafayette™ is pleased to announce it is being delivered by WaitR. WaitR is a way for diners to eat however and whenever they please be it delivery or carry out. WaitR allows you to customize your order exactly how you want it and track your food delivery to your home or office in real time.

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"We are some of the biggest fans of local culture and the flavors that distinguish a community. We were built for the local restaurant and continue to offer exceptional tools that allow them to compete in our demanding society. To our users we are an app that allows them to order food from local restaurants for carryout or delivery. To our restaurant partners we are a platform that allow them to offer technology solutions without sacrificing the valuable profit margins they require to prosper. To our chefs we are a medium to showcase their passion. We are a lot, to lot of people, but most importantly we are LOCAL EVERYWHERE! Our success has come from our unwavering respect for the local food culture and the importance of it’s existence to preserving the uniqueness of community’s flavors."

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