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  • Azteca's


    When you're in the city and craving Mexican, there's no shortage of options around Lafayette. But,

  • Black Cafe

    Black Cafe

    Anchoring the Uptown Lofts, Black Café serves excellent coffee and a blessed variety of savory and

  • Joey's


    Lafayette natives will tell you, Joey's has been serving Acadiana residents forever. Since 1981

  • Spoonbill Watering Hole & Restaurant

    Spoonbill Watering Hole & Restaurant

    The path to establishing Spoonbill Watering Hole & Restaurant is a curvy country road. It originates

  • Super Taters...And More!

    Super Taters...And More!

    Hot style deli sandwiches, toasted wraps, salads, and a daily soup selection are all available at

  • BJ's Pizza & Deli

    BJ's Pizza & Deli

    BJ’s Pizza, a Lafayette institution, opened in 1981. The name is based on card games, blackjack

  • Dax on Verot

    Dax on Verot

    If family-run restaurants featuring a menu with well-seasoned burgers and boiled seafood are your

  • Antoni's Italian Cafe

    Antoni's Italian Cafe

    Holly Cure is living the America Dream. For years she waitressed and attended bar at Antoni’s in

  • Hub City Diner

    Hub City Diner

    Hub City Diner is aptly named, an all-American diner that attracts locals and visitors alike in the

  • Judice Inn

    Judice Inn

    When Judice Inn opened in 1947, brothers Marc and Alcide Judice advertised that their hamburger

  • Olde Tyme Grocery

    Olde Tyme Grocery

    Glenn Murphree grew up in New Orleans, so he understood poorboys, a sandwich born in the Crescent

  • Pizza Artista

    Pizza Artista

    Scott McClaskey and Kirk Miller know pizza. They worked as regional vice presidents for Domino’s

  • Johnson's Boucaniere

    Johnson's Boucaniere

    In the heart of downtown Lafayette, operating Tuesday through Saturday each week, is possibly one

  • Rêve Coffee Roasters

    Rêve Coffee Roasters

    There’s a handsome sign arching over Jefferson Street welcoming those passing under it to Downtown

  • Burgersmith


    In the olden days when you wanted something hand crafted you went straight to the source.

  • Pete's Family Sports Restaurant

    Pete's Family Sports Restaurant

    Sports bars tend to be typically typical; offering their guests little more than a gathering place

  • Rachael's Cafe

    Rachael's Cafe

    Many people don’t imagine healthy when they think of Cajun and Creole cuisine. Rachael’s Café hopes

  • Blanchard's BBQ

    Blanchard's BBQ

    Sometimes, we have to leave home to find our truest calling, even when it’s an echo of growing up.

  • The Wurst Biergarten

    The Wurst Biergarten

    Just about in the middle of Jefferson Street’s downtown arc there is a bar and restaurant that

  • Bon Temps Grill

    Bon Temps Grill

    In 2013, two brothers, Stephen and Patrick O’Bryan felt there was something missing among

  • The Tap Room

    The Tap Room

    Beer lovers will adore The Tap Room in River Ranch with its 40 beers on tap, many of which are

  • Social Southern Table & Bar

    Social Southern Table & Bar

    There are great restaurants in Lafayette and fabulous bars as well, but Social Southern Table & Bar

  • Rusted Rooster

    Rusted Rooster

    Alex Andrade is no stranger to the restaurant world. Andrade’s mother, Denise Landry, owns Landry’s

  • iMonelli's


    Lafayette diners are not starved for restaurant options. There are plenty of options to choose from,

  • Sandra's Cafe & Health Food Store

    Sandra's Cafe & Health Food Store

    Lafayette is a great place to be for someone who likes to eat. The decision of what to eat for any particular meal is met with seemingly endless options. But sometimes those options can lead to overindulgences, tempting us to take care of our appetites and our desire to try everything instead of taking care of our health. Some people believe that eating good food that tastes great should not necessarily be met with having to worry about nutrition, weight gain, and overall health concerns. Those...

  • Siro's Bistro

    Siro's Bistro

    The first thing you’ll notice when you enter Siro’s Bistro is the incredible aromas — the baking of

  • POUR


    Sometimes a restaurant opens to immediate, runaway success. The timing was right. The niche was

  • Karma Collective

    Karma Collective

    The food consumed by people in our modern society is sometimes less than nutritious. We consume what

  • Twin's Burgers & Sweets

    Twin's Burgers & Sweets

    Twin brothers Billy and Denny Guilbeaux own and operate the two locations of Twins Burgers and

  • The Cajun Table

    The Cajun Table

    Lauren Liner and Sean Suire are that couple in your neighborhood that are always having fun cooking

  • Tsunami


    At the beginning of this century, downtown Lafayette was anything but a thriving commercial market,

  • Cafe Vermilionville

    Cafe Vermilionville

    If you want to experience a piece of south Louisiana history all the while dining on classic cuisine

  • Blu Basil

    Blu Basil

    Dang Nguyen has one of those origin stories that makes you want to try his food. He's a Vietnamese

  • Bread & Circus Provisions

    Bread & Circus Provisions

    There’s a fire on Bendel.  Don’t worry, Chef Manny Augello of Bread & Circus Provisions has it completely under control.  Augello hails from Sicily and grew up in South Louisiana, so his upbringing tends to flavor his work.  He is the Chef and Owner of Bread & Circus Provisions in Lafayette, a restaurant with a unique vibe and a cuisine that’s both traditional and innovative, centered around a gorgeous, copper clad Italian wood-fired oven with the...

  • Cafe Habana City

    Cafe Habana City

    Living in Lafayette and the surrounding areas offers a thorough abundance of dining options. Many of

  • Wing FIngers

    Wing FIngers

    UPDATE: Since this post was written Wing Fingers has moved locations to the Wurst Biergarten located at 537 Jefferson St., in Downtown Lafayette You may make the reasonable assumption that Wing Fingers, a restaurant, and bar serving, most notably, chicken wings, is just ordinary. You would be wrong. The eatery on Johnston Street near the UL campus is anything but ordinary. The restaurant started as a food truck when owners John Hackney and Taylor Cooper were hanging out building a fire pit. John...

  • Zuhause Bakery & Coffee

    Zuhause Bakery & Coffee

    Heading Southwest on Johnston Street, near the intersection of West Broussard, is a gem of a bakery

  • Pamplona


    Pamplona is a classic. It has been since it opened in December of 2007. Combining rustic decor, a beautiful downtown setting, delicious and interesting food, and a stellar wine and cocktail program, Pamplona has been at the forefront of dining experiences in Lafayette for years. General Manager Andrew Payne, who began his time at Pamplona behind the bar, heads a team, with Kris Allen helming the kitchen, that crafts an exquisite guest experience. Andrew describes the restaurant’s concept...

  • Broaddus Burger

    Broaddus Burger

    Acadianians are known for doing things their way. When it comes to preparing food, it’s unlikely you’ll find a local who’s concerned with how someone else does it. This is the premise behind Broaddus Burgers, the Lafayette restaurant located at 610 E Kaliste Saloom Rd. The owner, Shawn Broaddus, says when he decided to settle on a burger-centric restaurant, he knew he would be offering lots of options.  To be sure, there are many preset burgers to choose from, but the...