We sat down with Jeremy Conner with Spoonbill Watering Hole & Restaurant to find out where he likes to eat when he’s not serving up delicious burritos, seafood, and hamburgers at Spoonbill. Watch the video below or check out the abbreviated answers below for a quick read.

Favorite place to eat breakfast?

  • Dwyers Café – Classic bacon and eggs breakfast

Favorite place to eat lunch?

  • Pop’s Poboys – Hot Hot Poboy: Nashville style HOT fried chicken, blue plate mayo, dill pickles, green onion buttermilk ranch

Favorite place to eat dinner?

  • Bread & Circus – The pizza is ethereal that’s not anything close to the other pizza in Lafayette

Favorite late-night restaurant?

  • Bread & Circus – They post a menu but maybe they have a guest chef, so you’ve never seen this dish before. I like that surprise.

What’s your favorite thing to cook at your restaurant?

  • Pork Burrito – We do this crazy chili lime sauce with ingredients you wouldn’t expect. We’re putting that on the pork when we heat it so you get this carnitas effect.
  • Burger – Good classic solid consistent burger

Favorite place to get a drink?

  • Pamplona – Perfect for elevated cocktails
  • Pop’s – The daiquiris are really really good

Favorite Sno-ball?

  • Cajun Sno – Perfect for the traditional Lafayette snoball
  • Crawfish Boss – They’re doing some THINGS out there. If you get a blueberry cheesecake snoball you get a chunk of actual cheesecake in the snoball. It’s something else.

Favorite Drive-Thru Daiquiri

  • Cupids – Gotta have a Cupid daiquiri