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Designing Women of Acadiana

As advocates of design in the fields of architecture, interior design, and construction, Designing Women of Acadiana (DWA) is a dynamic organization that encourages and supports women in Acadiana to meet their full potential and become champions within their fields through exposure, education and empowerment. The members of DWA come from a range of backgrounds including; architects, intern architects, project managers, builders, designers, interior designers, and women interested in design. Join DWA monthly and benefit from its targeted networking opportunities, diverse panel discussions, regional home tours and creative socials.

Artist Spotlight: Herb Roe

Herb Roe is a generous person both on the canvas and in real life. He happily dedicated over an hour to visit with me during his studio time, and piled my arms with printed products of his work throughout the country. His work is saturated with color, and his process involves multiple layers of…

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Artist Spotlight: Susan David

Lafayette native Susan David is one of those artists whose work you’ve seen more often than you realize. A dedicated artist and prolific collaborator, Susan characterizes herself as “‘Edie Pie-hands’ with all my little fingers in the little pies. I prefer to be busy and am a self-made workaholic. I…

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Artist Spotlight: Romey Roe

Romey Roe, perhaps better known locally as Nathan Walker, is a designer on the cusp of international success. I first heard of Romey in the fall of 2017 when he made the local news because two of his designer dresses were worn by actresses, Shanna Forrestall and Liz Fenning, to the Emmy Awards. This…

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Artist Spotlight: Brett Chigoy

I don’t remember exactly when I met Brett, but I grew up in Lafayette, and I saw him around and knew he was an artist who worked with Robert Dafford, painting murals, back in the day. His wife Rachel and I are friends, so we were by default, friendly. About a year or so ago, hanging out at Warehouse…

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Artist Spotlight: Kali Picard

Kali Picard showed up at a Designing Women of Acadiana meeting about a year ago, and has proved to be a dedicated supporter of the organization. You can’t resist her warm, nurturing personality, and this sensitivity is inherent in her paintings. I visited her booth at the recent Big Easel, and was…

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